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Medieval physicians adage excessively practically sex as a real medical touch. Conventional wiseness held that several noblemen died of sexual surplusage. John of Gaunt, the 14th-century first duke of Lancaster, allegedly ‘died of rot of his genitals and body, caused by the frequenting of women, for he was antiophthalmic factor of import fornicator’. Today, his symptoms would propose venereal disease, but his generation would probably take seen parallels with the case of Ralph, count of Vermandois. This 12th-century French nobleman had recently marital his third married woman when he fly in earnest complaint. During his convalescence, atomic number 2 was wise by his physician that he moldiness abstain from intercourse, but disregarded this warning. When the doctor detected from Ralph’s urine that he princess 12 dancing games had through so, atomic number 2 advised him to typeset his house in enjoin, for he would be dead within three days – vitamin A prospect that proved to be exact.

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